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Howdee Hi and Hello,

Here at Rancho Notorious we treat our Horses like family. We take care of them to the best of our abilities. Aruba has been shut down meaning nobody is allowed to enter the Island meaning we have no source of income. As Aruba being an Island everything is imported also the feed for the horses. It is very expensive. No grass grows here .Aruba is a desert like Island. It is hot and the horses drink a lot of water to keep hydrated. Water in Aruba is also expensive. We really want to keep taking good care of them in these hard times with no income and are turning to you. If you know you will be traveling to Aruba in the future we can also give you a certificate for the amount you donated for a ride, equivalent to the amount donated, with us when times are better. Donations are more than welcome and very much appreciated. Please help us take care of the horses. Your donation will be used to buy feed, water , veterinary, vitamines, ointments, medicine, etc and pay anything else they may need to stay healthy and in good shape. Also for the people who take care of them .They have families too and we do not want to get them jobless.

Thank you for your support and maybe we'll see you in Aruba in the future.

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