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Reservations - ATV Full Day Tour

  • Minimal 2 ATV's
  • Includes water, soda, helmets and lunch
  • 2 stops for swimming


Lighthouse, Arashi, AltoVista chapel, Wariruri Dunes, Goldmine Bushiribana, Natural bridge, Swimming at Andicuri Beach, Black rock beach, Lunch @ local restaurant, Mangel Halto, San Nicolas, Sero Colorado, Swim @ BABY Beach, Boca Grandi and cliffs, Miralamar (Arikok Park)

US$ 325 + tax (driver only)
US$ 390 + tax (driver + passenger)

We are closed on sundays. This means no Tours on Sundays!

ATV Full Day Tour
8:30AM - approx. 5:30PM

The minimum age allowed to drive by themselves is 21 years old.
All Drivers must be licensed drivers. A waiver must be signed by anyone riding an ATV. Under the age of 18 and adult needs to sign. Children 10-17 Must be accompanied by an Adult. They can only join as a passenger. Children under 10 years old are not recommended to go.

At least 2 ATV's

  (1 Driver & no Passenger)
  (1 Driver & 1 Passenger)

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For internet reservations we ask a deposit of 50% of the total price.
Minimum deposit is US$ 25.00 All payments are NON REFUNDABLE.

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